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The College of Professional Studies has built professional programs upon the firm foundation of Villanova University's tradition of excellence and use the standards of professional assosiations as the blueprint. These programs are designed to help you learn the best practice from professionals who are subject matter experts and who work in the field. The courses offered in these programs are non-credit/certifiate courses. 


All registrations can be submitted online, we no longer accept printed mailed or faxed paper registrations. If you do not have access to a computer, please make an appointment to come into our office to complete the online registration at a workstation. If you know the program you are interested in registerting for, you can access the online registration form by using the links below. Links to the online registration forms are also located on each individual program page. Contact us at 610-519-4300 if you have any questions. 

Students wishing to apply to the Paralegal Certificate Program must apply and gain acceptance in order to register. We do permit non-accepted students to take up to a maximum of four courses of their choosing offered in the Paralegal Program. Contact an enrollment representative at 610-519-4300 for additional information.


Alcohol and Drug Counseling


Certified Recovery Specialist


Certified Internal Auditor


Certified Management Accountant


Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis


English as a Second Language


Facility Management Professional




Essentials of HR


Professional HR Management


Paralegal Certificate




Foundations & Prep for PMP


Prep for CAPM


Supply Chain Management


Sustainability Facility Management Professional

Treasury Management


Students and authorized users are able to view billing statements and make secured payments electronically. You can also print official invoices for self and employer use. Once you receive your confirmation and VU ID #, you may log onto V-Bill to create your V-Bill account and then view/pay your bill electronically.  Bills will be available and updated on the 2nd, 11th, and 21st of each month.

Payment Options

Students have the option to pay by check, cash or credit card (only Master Card, Discover, or American Express accepted).  There is a 2.75% convenience fee charged on all credit card transactions.  If a student is paying by credit card and at a later date is entitled to a refund from the student's account, the convenience fee is non-refundable.  Please keep this in mind when choosing a payment option.  Additional options include paying the bill online from a checking or savings account or printing the bill and mailing a check.  If you wish to pay with credit card, please access the credit card payment option under Bursar Links through your myNova account. 

Payment of Charges

The student is responsible for payment of all charges on his/her account. Overdue obligations may be referred to a collection agency and reported to the credit bureaus. If any overdue obligation is referred to an outside collection agency or to an attorney for collection efforts and/or legal suit, the debt is increased to cover all reasonable costs of collection including collection fees, court costs and attorney fees.

Refund Policy

In order to obtain a refund, you must submit a written request (by mail, fax, or e-mail to to cancel your registration before the first day of classFailing to attend class will not cancel your registration; therefore, you will be responsible for full payment.

Academic Records

If a student has any outstanding billing issues, registration will not be permitted and academic records, transcripts and certificates will not be released.


Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report contains information about Villanova University's security policies and procedures and crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years. A hard copy is also available upon request through Villanova's Department of Public Safety by calling 610-519-6979.

  • Enhance your resume. Professional education classes enable you to add new skills, expertise, or credentials to your resume, and make you even more valuable to your employer. They can also provide career-changers a solid foundation of knowledge to successfully transition into a new industry.
  • Expand your professional network! Communicating and building relationships with your classmates and instructors can open new doors in your career.
  • Learn from experienced industry experts. All programs are taught by instructors who have worked or currently work in the field, and who are able to share with you practical applications and real world examples of topics in the course.