Non-Credit Professional Programs

Villanova’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) offers a robust suite of non-credit professional programs that provide students with immediately applicable skills and knowledge in areas that are highly demanded by industry, such as human resources, project management, paralegal and more. Our programs and courses prepare students to earn industry-recognized credentials that increase professional credibility.

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  • Enhance your resume. Professional education classes enable you to add new skills, expertise, or credentials to your resume, and make you even more valuable to your employer. They can also provide career-changers a solid foundation of knowledge to successfully transition into a new industry.
  • Expand your professional network! Communicating and building relationships with your classmates and instructors can open new doors in your career.
  • Learn from experienced industry experts. All programs are taught by instructors who have worked or currently work in the field, and who are able to share with you practical applications and real world examples of topics in the course.