Faculty/Instructor Listing

Andrew Alexson, EdD, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership

Mark F. Anderson, MS, Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science, Leadership

Tina Agustiady, BS, Six Sigma Instructor

Frank Angelini, PhD, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

Steven Babb, MS, Six Sigma Instructor

Susan Bacastow, JD, Paralegal Instructor

Susan B. Beauchamp, MBA, Six Sigma Instructor

Edward Benzing, BBA, Contracting Instructor

Earlene Biggs, EdD, Essentials of Business Analysis

R.Cameron Billmyer, JD, MEd, Paralegal Instructor

Brian Boreman, JD, Paralegal Instructor

M.Dean Bowman, BS, HS, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

Jeffrey P. Brown, PMP, Project Management Instructor

Eileen Callahan, MS, Business Process Instructor

Joan Capolupo, MS, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

Michael Carver, BS, Six Sigma, Black Belt Instructor

Vincent Citarelli, PhD, Human Resources Instructor

Polly College, PhD, Paralegal Instructor

Lori Corso, JD, Paralegal Instructor

Stephanie Cory, MS, Fundraising Instructor

Minerva Cruz, EdD, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership

Kelly Douglas, MS, IS, PMP, Contracting Instructor

Raymond Duffy, MS, Human Resources Instructor

Mark M. Evans, MS, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership & Technology

Galeet Farrow, MA, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

Katherine Filbert, BA, Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy

Kimberly Flint, MS, Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Angela Francesco, JD, Human Resources Instructor

Yaw Frimpong, PhD, Essentials of IS Security

Heather Gelting, MS, Human Resources Instructor

Nailah Green, MS, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

William Hample, BS, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

Teena Handline, JD, Paralegal Instructor, Contract Law

Christie Harris, MA, Contracting Instructor

Anne Hartman, BS, Process Methodology and Solutions Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Edward Hayes, MBA, Advanced Process Strategy & Practices

Jaime Howard, MS, Fundraising Instructor

Arthur Hudson, MBA, Supply Chain Instructor

Lauren Isaacoff, JD, Paralegal Instructor, Civil Procedure and the Litigation Process

Kevin Jackson, MBA, Contracting Instructor

Ebony Jones, MS, Paralegal Instructor, Legal Writing

Sandra Kearney, MSCS, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership & Computer Science

Daniel J. Kerrigan, MS, Leadership Instructor

Leonard Krapcha, PMP, Project Management Instructor

Karam Labban, MS IS, Advanced Agile Business Solution

Roland Lamb, MS, Alcohol and Drug Counseling Instructor

Kimberly Marucci, EdD, Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Mark McComb, PhD, Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma Instructor

Jon McDowell, MS, Human Resources Instructor

Marvin Meissner, MBA, Six Sigma Instructor

Margaret Mell, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Theology

Kathryn Meloni, JD, Paralegal Instructor, Family Law

Mark Messinger, MS, IS, Six Sigma Instructor

Lilli Middlebrooks, JD, BS, Paralegal Instructor, Ethics

Kimberly Nash, MBA, Human Resources Instructor

Judith Olsen, MS, Adjunct Faculty, English

Michael F. Palladino, PMP, Project Management Instructor

Stefan Picciocchi, MS, HRD, Human Resources Instructor

Gloria Pugliese, MBA, Fundraising Instructor

John Sceski, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Augustinian Culture and Science

Roslyn Schaeffer, MBA, Human Resources Instructor

Jonathan Schiffman, JD, Paralegal Instructor

Jeffrey Sipes, MS, IS, Agile Certified

Amy Spare, JD, Paralegal Instructor, Legal Research

Francois Springuel, MBA, PMP, Project Management Instructor

Elizabeth Stineman, JD, Paralegal Instructor, Estates and Trusts

Judy Strzepek, MS, Six Sigma, Project Management Instructor

Mary Sweeney, MS, HRD, Human Resources Instructor

Elom Tuani, M.PMP, Project Management Instructor

Lise Twiford, MBA, Fundraising Instructor

Christopher W. Urban, MS, IS, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership & Computer Science

Gregory Veverka, MBA, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership & Computer Science

Susan Warner, JD, Human Resources Instructor

Marjorie Yuschak, MBA, Financial Accounting Instructor

Lee Zimmerman, MBA, Supply Chain Instructor