Combined BIS/MS in Software Engineering

We have designed this combined BIS/MS in Software Engineering program to offer BIS Information Systems majors the opportunity to continue their study of systems concepts at the graduate level.  You are encouraged to contact your Part-Time Studies academic advisor if interested.  If you are qualified, you will need to complete the required formal notification process leading to your admission into the graduate program.  You should begin this process prior to the start of your senior year.  As a BIS/MS student, you will earn your M.S. in Software Engineering in conjunction with your BIS in Information Systems degree in an abbreviated timeframe.

To be eligible, you must have:

  • a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • a minimum 3.5 technical GPA
  • earned a minimum of 90 credit hours

Once admitted into the BIS/MS program, you will enroll in two to three graduate Software Engineering courses during your final undergraduate year.  The two courses listed below will count toward both the BIS degree and the M.S. in Software Engineering.  You may also get approval to take an additional Computing Science graduate course as part of the combined degree.  Only courses with grades of B or higher count towards the graduate degree.

  • CSC8490 (Database Management)
  • CSC8540 (Software Engineering)

There is no change in requirements for the undergraduate major in Information Systems; the same number of credits and required courses are still in place. The only difference is that we will apply the two or three graduate courses described above toward either your major course requirements or your free-electives.

For more information on either the BIS in Information Systems or the MS in Software Engineering program, follow these links.

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