Weather Contingency Plans

If weather conditions warrant a change of plans for an outdoor Commencement event, the decision will be made at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled start. A message will be posted on the Villanova University homepage as well as (610) 519-4505 and (610) 519-8882.

University Commencement Ceremony Severe Weather Contingency Plans

Should severe weather conditions (thunder, lightning and heavy rain) force the rescheduling of the University Commencement Ceremony, the measures below will be in effect. We ask for your patience and understanding should the University Commencement Ceremony need to be rescheduled.

  • Rescheduled Date: Saturday, May 19*
  • Location: The Stadium
  • Time: 10:00am  (gates to the Stadium would open at 8:30am)
*College Convocations would be canceled on Saturday should the University ceremony be rescheduled from Friday.  The schedule would include the University ceremony at 10am and Baccalaureate Mass at 4pm.  Should the weather persist through Saturday morning and not allow a ceremony to take place, the University Ceremony and the Baccalaureate Mass would take place at 4pm in one event.  

Commencement Ceremony Simulcast and Webcast Information

There will be, regardless of weather, first come, first served seating at several additional simulcast viewing locations on campus:

  • Bartley Hall: Room numbers 1001, 1010, 2001, 2010, 3001, 3010
  • Driscoll Hall: Room numbers 132, 134, 221, 227, 240, 240, 246, 248

University Commencement Ceremony Live Video Streaming

The University Commencement Ceremony at 4 pm on Friday will be streamed live.

Convocations Severe Weather Contingency 

 Weather Contingency Plans

College Convocations will be held outdoors in light rain, so please be prepared with umbrellas and rain gear.  If it is determined that the weather is too severe (thunder, lightning and heavy rain) to hold an outdoor ceremony, the Convocations will be canceled.  All convocations are recorded and are available to view after the weekend on the Villanova YouTube Channel

University Commencement Ceremony Video

Visit this link to view an archived webcast of the 2017 University Commencement Ceremony. Having trouble playing the video stream? Please confirm that your computer/mobile device meets the viewing requirements.


In addition, the video of the University Commencement Ceremony and each College Convocation will be available for viewing on the University's YouTube channel and available for download via ITunesU.


Future Commencement Weekend Dates

Year 2019: May 17-18
Year 2020: May 15-16
Year 2021: May 14-15

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