Action Items for Undergraduate Candidates

Bachelor Degree Candidates

☐ Check with your advisor to make sure that academic credits fulfill requirements

☐ Financial Matters - Students must meet all financial obligations before their diploma and transcript can be released. Questions concerning student accounts may be directed to the Bursar's Office at (610) 519-4258.

☐ Complete a Prospective Graduate Form online via myNOVA - go to the Graduation Information channel on the Student tab.  This form will allow you to indicate how you would like your name to appear on the diploma and to provide an address wher your diploma should be mailed after graduation.

☐ Check your graduation status through myNOVA - go to the Graduation Information channel on the Student tab.  If graduates are uncertain of their status, they should contact the Academic Dean of their College.

☐ Fill out the Graduation Fair Form (to order your Commencement tickets and parking passes). 

☐ Complete the Senior Survey, Part I and Part II - Undergraduates only

☐ Attend the Graduation Fair on April 27 from 2pm-9pm in the Villanova Room, Connelly Center to pick up your Cap and Gown, Seating Tickets & Parking Passes.


University Commencement Ceremony Video

Visit this link to view an archived webcast of the 2017 University Commencement Ceremony. Having trouble playing the video stream? Please confirm that your computer/mobile device meets the viewing requirements.


In addition, the video of the University Commencement Ceremony and each College Convocation will be available for viewing on the University's YouTube channel and available for download via ITunesU.


Future Commencement Weekend Dates

Year 2019: May 17-18
Year 2020: May 15-16
Year 2021: May 14-15

Time to Graduate?

Review the Prospective Graduate Information and Checklist