Phase I: May - November 2011

Rerouting Vehicular Traffic

Beginning in May 2011, the University will install new bollards and check-in points to re-route vehicular traffic. The innermost driving route (see Figure 2) will be closed to regular traffic, while emergency and service vehicles will continue to have full campus access at all times. Drivers with special needs may use the free campus shuttle, or call public safety for transportation, to enter the vehicle-free campus core at any time. New features will be put in place to facilitate parking, including a vehicle turnaround in the Kennedy lot and digital signage denoting space availability for the SAC lot. The University will also add parking places on the east side of CEER.



Transforming Vasey Plaza

The first phase will also include the transformation of Vasey Plaza. The plaza will be widened to allow ramps on both sides for different mobility needs, and new hardscaping will provide convenient access to Vasey Hall from all levels. The space will become greener and will encompass an expanded outdoor dining and gathering area. Renovations to Sheehan and Sullivan residence halls will also be completed.

Vasey Plaza - Before
Vasey Plaza - Before
Vasey Plaza - After
Vasey Plaza - After

Campus Master Plan Report

screenshot of campus master plan

A PDF of the Final Recommendations presented to the Villanova University Board of Trustees in October 2008 may be viewed by clicking the icon below below. Earlier draft reports and additional information are available to view by members of the Villanova Community as part of the Office of the President tab in the myNOVA portal.

Overview of the Transformation of the Campus Landscape Initiative

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