Transformation of the Campus Landscape

Beginning in May 2011, the University will launch the Transformation of the Campus Landscape initiative. This bold, three-year, $22.5 million project—approved by the Villanova Board of Trustees in December 2010—is part of the implementation of the University Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan.

By modifying the layout of the campus grounds, this initiative will improve the quality of life for Villanova community members and enhance the visitor experience. The planned modifications, which are largely driven by extensive research and student feedback, aim to create a carefully-designed campus core that is highly integrated, vehicle-free, pedestrian-friendly, more accessible to people with different mobility needs, and more aesthetically beautiful.

A park-like, vehicle-free model of campus-core architectural landscaping is quite common at universities nationwide, including those that Villanova counts among its peers. However, the University’s campus will retain its unique qualities and traditional identity, with attributes including its arboretum and both historic and recent architecture.

The University tentatively plans to implement the Transformation in three phases over three years, and will shorten this timeline if construction schedules permit. Phase One is scheduled take place from May to November 2011, Phase Two from May to October 2012, and Phase Three from May to October 2013.


Campus Master Plan Report

screenshot of campus master plan

A PDF of the Final Recommendations presented to the Villanova University Board of Trustees in October 2008 may be viewed by clicking the icon below below. Earlier draft reports and additional information are available to view by members of the Villanova Community as part of the Office of the President tab in the myNOVA portal.

Overview of the Transformation of the Campus Landscape Initiative

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