University Trustees & Officers

Board of Trustees

Catherine M. Keating, Chair
Paul A. Tufano, Esq., Vice Chair
Rev. James D. Paradis, O.S.A., D.Min., Secretary
Richard P. Brennan
James C. Davis
Denise L. Devine
Nance K. Dicciani, Ph.D.
Daniel M. DiLella
Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D.
Peter L. Fong
Darryl J. Ford, Ph.D.
Very Rev. Anthony M. Genovese, O.S.A.
Justin G. Gmelich
Rev. Peter G. Gori, O.S.A., J.C.D.
Helen M. Horstmann, M.D.
John P. Jones III
Sheila F. Klehm

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Patrick G. LePore
Elizabeth T. Mazzeo
Robert J. McCarthy
Patrick McMahon
Anne Welsh McNulty
Robert F. Moran
Rev. Kevin C. Mullins, O.S.A.
Thomas M. Mulroy
Rev. Joseph L. Narog, O.S.A.
Mary D. Naylor, Ph.D., RN
James V. O’Donnell
Very Rev. Bernard C. Scianna, O.S.A., Ph.D.
Br. Robert Thornton, O.S.A., Psy.D.
Joseph V. Topper, Jr.
Thomas A. Wagner III
Edward J. Welsh

Officers of The University


Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rev. Kail C. Ellis, O.S.A., Ph.D.

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Kenneth G. Valosky

Vice President and General Counsel

Debra F. Fickler, J.D.

Vice President for Student Life

Rev. John P. Stack, O.S.A.

Vice President for University Advancement

Michael J. O'Neill

Vice President for University Communication

Ann E. Diebold

Vice President for Mission and Ministry

Barbara E. Wall, Ph.D.

Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer

Stephen W. Fugale

Reporting to The President

Special Assistant to the President for Alumni and External Relations

Rev. George F. Riley, O.S.A., Ph.D.

Arthur J. Kania Dean, Villanova School of Law

John Y. Gotanda, J.D.

Director of Athletics

Vincent P. Nicastro

Executive Director, Office of Planning and Institutional Research

James F. Trainer, Ph.D.

University Compliance Officer

Leyda L. Benitez, J.D.