Personal Enrichment

Villanova offers hundreds of interesting and exciting classes each semester. The Part-Time Studies program has a special, non-matriculated student status allowing you to take classes, simply for the joy of learning.

Non-matriculated students seeking to enrich themselves at Villanova include:

Visiting Students Seeking Villanova credits

Villanova hosts many students from other universities each semester. For example, Villanova has special accelerated summer courses that are popular with students who live locally, but attend college further away. You can take the classes you need and transfer the credits.

Please note if you wish to attend Villanova as a visiting student during the fall or spring semester, you must have a letter from the Dean or Department Chairperson of your college indicating that you are a student in good standing and that you have permission to take courses at Villanova to transfer back to your college.

Senior Citizen Personal Enrichment Program

Senior citizens (65 or older) who are interested in taking courses for personal enrichment but not for credit may enroll in classes through our Senior Citizens Enrichment Program. Whether it is philosophy, theology, microeconomics or theater, Villanova's classes offer a high quality and enriching experience. Look through the University's course catalog and find something you might enjoy auditing. Adult learners bring rich experience and thoughtful point of view into the classroom and benefit by sharing in the vibrancy of young minds exploring new territory. Please review the personal Personal Enrichment Program Guidelines that we have established to facilitate the registration process. Call 610-519-4301 if you have any questions.

High School Students

High school students with superior qualifications may apply to take classes at Villanova. You must have a letter of permission from your guidance counselor or principal to submit along with your application. Villanova normally seeks to discourage high school students from taking college courses too early. However, every year there are outstanding high school students who are clearly ready to begin transitioning to a college curriculum. We offer special academic counseling to assist high school students admitted to the Part-Time Studies program in selecting their courses.


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