Leadership Studies (BIS)

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Do You Have What it Takes to Lead?

We designed Villanova's BIS in Leadership Studies with a focus on ethics in leadership.  A Villanova Leadership Studies student studies the issues most important to today's corporate leaders. These areas include globalization, scientific and social change, technological advances and workforce diversity.

A Villanova Leadership Studies student will learn to:

  • Understand and influence diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders
  • Lead and manage ethically
  • Lead in a global environment
  • Recognize how political and social issues interact with one's organization
  • Operate in evolving environments
  • Develop a high level of personal adaptability, learn from experience and modify plans as needed
  • Quickly resolve complex problems by perceiving relationships among multiple, disparate issues

The Villanova Leadership Studies curriculum includes the BIS core courses and ten required Leadership (LDR) courses while simultaneously providing the opportunity to complete significant coursework in other academic disciplines.  Examples of these academic disciplines may include, but are not limited to, Information Systems, Business and Communication.

Curriculum for the BIS in Leadership (on-campus program):

Individual Course Descriptions:

Villanova also offers a minor and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Leadership Studies.


Spring 2015 Evening Catalog

Student Testimonial

After having taken a ten year break from school, I entered the Part-Time Studies Leadership program at Villanova. The faculty were extremely helpful in my transition and continued to assist me every step of the way, which allowed me to complete the remaining half of my degree in only two and a half years.  The teachers in the program captivated me from the beginning because they are successful business leaders with real-world experience.  I found myself applying what we were learning on a daily basis in every area of my life.   I continue to rely on the education I received at Villanova and highly recommend this program to anyone, regardless of their future goals, as leadership is important in every role and at every age.

Lynda Migliaccio '12

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