Associate of Arts (AA)

We have designed the Villanova Associate of Arts degree program for students who are not seeking a baccalaureate degree but still wish to follow a specific degree plan. You can complete the Associate of Arts degree program in half the time it normally takes to complete a baccalaureate program. The program requires 20 courses and a minimum of 61 credit hours. You must complete at least half of the credits (31) at Villanova.   A 2.0 cumulative Quality Point Average is required to attain the Associate of Arts degree. Students completing the program with a 2.0 average may continue toward the Bachelor of Arts at Villanova without loss of credit.


Individual Course Descriptions:

Foreign Language 1121 and 1122
1 Fine Arts Elective*
1 Social Science Elective**
3 Courses  Mathematics / Natural Sciences***
6 Free Electives

* Choose from designated courses in Studio Art/Art History, Communication or Theatre.
** Social Science Elective: Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.
*** Three courses in at least two science disciplines, including at least one course with a laboratory segment; several mathematics courses are available for liberal arts students.