Accountancy Major (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Villanova’s School of Business has designed the Bachelor Business Administration in Accountancy to prepare academically, students seeking employment in a wide range of accounting, tax, and accounting-related areas. Students completing the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy program leave Villanova with the background to pursue graduate studies in business, law, or independent research. Villanova’s accountancy program is accredited by the AACSB-the International Association for Management Education.

For details on degree requirements, please review the current course curriculum for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy or refer to the latest edition of Villanova's Undergraduate Catalog.


Villanova’s School of Business also offers a Certificate in Accountancy for individuals who already have a bachelor's degree but need to learn more about accounting, perhaps in preparation for the CPA exam

Individual Course Descriptions (Required Courses):

Accounting (8 courses = 24 credits)



Courses ACC 2470, 2450, and 2480 require senior class standing to enroll.

Business Administration (6 courses = 18 credits)

Course VSB 4002 requires senior class standing to enroll.


Business Law (2 courses = 6 credits):


Economics (3 courses = 9 credits):


Analytics (1 course = 3 credits):


English (1 course = 3 credits):


Augustine and Culture: The Villanova Seminar (2 courses = 6 credits):


Mathematics (2 courses = 8 credits):


Philosophy and Ethics (2 courses = 6 credits):


Theology (2 courses = 6 credits):

THL Elective - 2000 & above


Social/Natural Sciences (4 courses = 12 credits):

History - Choose from any course in the department
Natural Science - Choose from from Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Meteorology, Physics, GEV 1050, or GEV 1051.
Behavorial Science - Choose from Sociology or PSY 1000.
Elective - Choose from Sociology, Psychology, Natural Sciences or History.


Communication (1 course = 3 credits):


Humanities (1 course = 3 credits):

Choose from Art & Art History, Classical Studies, English, Modern Languages, Philosophy, or Theatre.


Free Electives (5 courses = 15 credits)


Transfer students-no more than 50% of the business core courses are allowed to transfer into the B.B.A. Accountancy Program.


Spring 2015 Evening Catalog