To encourage independent study and recognize personal knowledge and mastery of subject matter and topics, we provide matriculated students, who have not previously enrolled in an equivalent course, the opportunity to demonstrate academic competency. If you can show evidence of advanced knowledge and successfully pass the departmentally created examination, you could be exempt from certain courses and requirements and earn credits toward your degree.

To participate in the program you must be a matriculated student (accepted into a bachelor's degree program).  You must also show the department offering the exam, that you have sufficient background and a reasonable command of the subject matter.

You may earn a maximum of 30 credit hours though this program and can apply up to three courses in your major field. The cost is $80.00 per credit hour.  Villanova will award a passing grade of P if you pass the exam; we will not record a failing grade. Additional conditions apply - please review in their entirety.

Villanova schedules test dates twice a year: often the Saturday of Fall and Spring break. Syllabi for all challengeable courses are available for your review in the Reserve Room of Falvey Library and in the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences.

To apply to take an exam, contact the Dean's Office at 610.519.4600.  Villanova will review your eligibility. Once you have approval to proceed, have completed the necessary form, and have secured the appropriate signatures, you will take the form to the Bursar's Office for validation and pay the fee at that time. You must complete the application process at least two weeks before the date of the exam. Once you have taken the exam, the director will notify you, your major department, your dean and the Registrar's Office of your exam results.

For more information, please contact the Dean's Office at 610.519.4600.