Accessing Reports

OPIR has established an electronic library of all of the reports and summary statistics. As reports are completed they will be added to the library to facilitate access and use. The report library is organized with two major directories. Please go to the following website and login with your VU username and password when prompted.

  • Systematic Survey Reports - to access University-Wide Reports about key constituent groups such as seniors, parents, alums, etc. summarized for the University.
  • Commissioned Reports - to access reports prepared for specific Colleges, Academic Departments, or Administrative Offices/Departments.

How to Navigate Through the Report Directories

Either of these directories will present all of the folders in the window to the right identifying the types of reports available and/or the college/office/department for which there are special reports. By clicking on the folder or file icons, you can navigate from one folder to another to see what we have. In many cases the reports are grouped by year the survey was administered, so you may need to open an additional folder to find the report documents. But access to individual reports may be restricted to a specific audience. For example, reports from all commissioned surveys are the "property" of the college/office/department who requested the survey. No reports will be released without the permission of the organization for which the survey was conducted. If you were denied access to a report you have interest in, please contact Kathleen Nazar to submit your request for access. Please include the report title in the subject line of your email.

For your convenience, some of the older reports were translated from other word processing software to PDF files. As a result some charts and graphs are not clear for viewing on screen, but you may print them for a good readable copy.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Nazar, Director, Survey Research.

OPIR Office Location

OPIR Office Location

St. Mary's Hall
Suite 110B, Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085