Planning Efforts

The Office of Planning and Institutional Research (OPIR) serves in support of Villanova’s planning efforts at the university, college, departmental and unit level. Jim Trainer, OPIR’s Director of Planning and Assessment, is a member of the President’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee and is project manager for a number of strategic planning initiatives. John Kelley, Executive Director of OPIR, is co-leading the Middle States Self-Study Process and the Carnegie Community Engagement Project.

OPIR staff support and facilitate planning activities at various levels across the University. Many of OPIR’s efforts, including our survey research, institutional effectiveness and student learning outcomes assessment support, accreditation work, Course and Teacher Surveys (CATS), comparative research, and institutional research and statistical analysis, are meant to contribute to Villanova’s ongoing planning processes.

While a variety of planning bodies and committees exist across the University, the Officers of the University, the President’s Cabinet, and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee have primary responsibility for overseeing and coordinating planning at Villanova.

OPIR Location

St. Mary's Hall
Suite 110, Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085