University Strategic Goals

The goals listed below describe the critical and enduring qualities of Villanova that will characterize the University in the next ten years. Meeting these goals will position the University as a leading Catholic institution of higher education.

How We Support the University's Mission

In support of the University's mission, Villanova...

  1. Will be a Catholic university that reflects Augustinian traditions, nurtures the development of religious faith and practice, develops the moral and ethical perspectives and values of its members, and fosters social responsibility and commitment to service.
  2. Will be a community of men and women increasingly diverse in culture, ethnicity, race and socioeconomic status and welcoming to individuals of diverse religious traditions.
  3. Will achieve excellence in all undergraduate programs, which will have a strong liberal arts and sciences component, and in the offering of selective graduate and professional programs.
  4. Will attract, retain and recognize a scholarly and caring faculty who are respectful and supportive of the University's mission, who are committed to distinction in teaching, learning and research, and who are generous in service.
  5. Will enroll and retain a national and international student body of a progressively higher academic quality.
  6. Will provide an educationally purposeful living and learning environment rich in opportunities for personal, intellectual, social, cultural, artistic, and professional growth.
  7. Will provide and maintain state-of-the-art facilities and technologies appropriate to the academic, personal and administrative needs of the community.
  8. Will offer equitable athletic opportunities at the intercollegiate, intramural, club sport and recreational levels, and achieve national recognition in selected programs.
  9. Will govern by principles of collegiality that involve faculty, staff, students, alumnae/i, administrators and trustees.
  10. Will commit human and financial resources to advance the University's primary goal of education as articulated in the University’s Mission Statement.
  11. Will foster strong relationships with alumnae/i, parents, friends, and the local community.
  12. Will measure the achievement of strategic goals throughout the University and use the results for continuous improvement. 

Approved by the Board of Trustees - February 13, 2001

OPIR Location

OPIR Location

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