Villanova offers more than 60 graduate degree and certificate programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences. 


**All primary and secondary-school teachers receive reduced tuition rates in graduate liberal arts and sciences.

Breakout Session Schedule:

  • 5 pm to 7 pm - Opportunity to speak with the faculty and students from your program of interest
  • 6 pm to 6:30 pm - Career Paths in Human Resource Development
  • 6:15 pm - Student panel on Graduate Student Life 

Programs include:

Applied Statistics (MS)

Certificate available in Graduate Study in Applied Statistics

Biology (MS or MA)

Certificates also available in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology (Pre- and Post-Master's); Ecology; Evolution; and Organismal Biology (Pre- and Post-Master's)

Chemistry (MS)

Classical Studies (MA)

Latin, Greek and Latin

Communication (MA)

Certificates also available in
Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Journalism and New Media, Mediated Communication, Organizational Communication and Leadership, and Public Relations and Advertising

Computer Science (MS)

** See also Software Engineering

Counseling and Human Relations (MS)

Post-Master's Certificate in Counseling

Education (MA)

Education Plus Teacher Certification
Graduate Education
Teacher Leadership
Post-Master's Certificate also available in Teacher Leadership

English (MA)

Post-Master's Certificate also available in Graduate Study in English; Combined MA and Certificate in Communication

Hispanic Studies (MA)

Certificates also available in Graduate Study in Hispanic Cultural Studies and Graduate Study in Hispanic Literature

History (M.A.)

Certificates also available in Graduate Study in History, Graduate Study in American History, Graduate Study in European History (Before 1789), Graduate Study in Modern European History (1789 to Present), Graduate Study in World History, and NEW! Combined MA and Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Human Resource Development (MS)

Certificates also available in Human Resource Applications (Pre-Master's) and Advanced Human Resource Applications (Post-Master's)

Liberal Studies (MA)

Certificates also available in:
American Studies
Ancient Worlds
Great Books
Peace and Justice
Post-Master's Interdisciplinary Studies

Mathematics (MA)

Post-Master's Certificate in Mathematics and Certificate in Graduate Study in Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics

Philosophy (PhD only)

Political Science (MA)

Certificates also available in International Relations and American Politics

Psychology (MS)

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Certificates also available in Graduate Study in City Management, Graduate Study in Public Administration, and Graduate Study in Nonprofit Management

Software Engineering (MS)

Theatre (MA)

Combined MA and Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Certificate also available in Practical Theatre

Theology (MA)

Pre-Master's Certificates also available in Theological Studies, Pastoral Ministry and Interdisciplinary Theological Inquiry. Post-Master's Certificates also available in Advanced Theological Studies, Advanced Interdisciplinary Theological Inquiry, and Combined MA and Certificate in History.

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