Current Nominations

Boys in the Boat

by Daniel Brown

The Faith Club

by Ranya Idliby
Three women from different faiths meet together to share their faith experience.   Increased understanding of each other occurs and they fine their religions have much in common.

Beyond Duty

by Shannon Meehan
This book was written by a current part-time studies student, enrolled in teacher education classes. He is expected to graduate in 2014. Beyond Duty is a powerful and moving account of his experiences as a Captain serving the U.S. Army in Iraq. It is about leadership, ethics, the  history and culture of a region unfamiliar to most of us, international politics, diplomacy and communication, the media, and ultimately humanity. It is also beautifully written: completely arresting, haunting, insightful and profound. The author grew up in the area (attended Upper Darby High School), was a state championship wrestler, has published editorials in the New Yorks Times and Washington Post, among other outlets, and is deeply invested in now becoming a teacher. He exemplifies Villanova ideals so perfectly and completely that it would be a real missed opportunity not to have his work and contributions showcased somehow. I stronly urge you to read even the first chapter of Beyond Duty. You'll find it hard to put down, even if you don't want to face what he has to say about the emotional and physical tolls of war. See, for more information.

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