Accelerated BSN Program for College Graduates

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Villanova University's Accelerated BSN Program for College Graduates is a 14-month second degree program that incorporates all the standard components of the nursing program in a concentrated timeframe. This program -- which is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing and fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education -- usually begins on the third Monday in May of each year and ends in August of the following year. While the program is intense, students are able to take advantage of some of the same opportunities that are available to other BSN students.

The Accelerated BSN Program for College Graduates offers:

  • class cohesiveness, which fosters a unique support system and learning community for the students
  • international and multicultural study - a valuable enhancement to the curriculum
  • opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects and related initiatives
  • opportunities for professional membership and involvement
  • faculty who are expert mentors available to the students as they pursue this second degree

A student in this program must be able to devote considerable time to studies due to the intense, concentrated nature of the program. The number of clinical hours and courses are the same as the traditional program. Students are encouraged to submit copies of their college transcripts well in advance of their planned entrance into the program in order to allow for complete evaluation and appropriate advisement regarding prerequisite completion. Students are accepted to the BSNExpress program on a rolling basis, depending on progress in prerequisite courses. Please refer to the Admission page for more detailed information.

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"Villanova was my first choice from the start! My greatest fear was coming back to school after being out for so long and more importantly, balancing family and school. The staff and faculty continue to help make this an easy transition and have been EXTREMELY accommodating. The faculty are professional nurses who bring a broad range of experience to the classroom and clinical setting."

Michelle Keating, BS in Biology
Collegeville, PA


Great relationships. Great opportunities.

Second Degree Options: BSNExpress Program and Alternate Sequence Curriculum


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Questions? Please contact:

Kristin Barkdoll, program assistant, at 610.519.7137

Maryanne Lieb, program coordinator, at 610.519.6596

If you are sending a transcript for review you may scan and email it to Mrs. Barkdoll or fax it to her attention at 610-519-8365. Your communication MUST include your name, address, email address, phone number and date of birth.