How long will it take to earn a BSN?

Most RNs have some college credits which transfer toward partial fulfillment of the BSN at Villanova. Depending on college credits transferred, full-time students may finish in two semesters; part-time students may complete the program in four to six semesters. After admission to the RN-BSN Program, the student must complete the BSN degree within six semesters (earning 30 nursing credits part-time will take five [5] semesters).

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What courses will I have to take?

Few RNs have taken theology or religious study courses. The Villanova University BSN program requires a theology elective. Likewise, few RNs have taken a course in Health Care Ethics or statistics which are also required courses. Science and liberal arts courses vary based on prior courses.

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Will all of my college credits transfer towards the BSN?

Any credits taken at an accredited college or university will transfer provided they:

  • fit with the BSN curriculum
  • are a grade C or better
  • do not exceed 50 credits in the number of non-nursing credits transferred

The RN to BSN curriculum is flexible in that sciences, humanities, social/behavioral sciences and elective courses may be eligible for transfer.

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Will my nursing courses transfer?

Thirty (30) nursing credits are transferred for successful completion of an ACEN (formerly NLNAC) accredited program (GPA 2.75 of higher) and current RN licensure and an additional 12 credits through a Clinical Decision-making assessment [there is an associated fee with the exam].

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Does Villanova offer any tuition reductions for RNs?

Villanova's College of Nursing recognizes the importance of baccalaureate-prepared nurses as the complexity and requirements of patient care delivery continue to increase. All RNs are eligible for this 30% tuition reduction for their BSN. For more information, contact the Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Haynor, BSN/RN Program for Registered Nurses.

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