Curriculum for RN to BSN Completion

Physical Science/Math - 20 credits
Anatomy and Physiology 8 credits
Chemistry or Biology
3 credits
Microbiology/General Biology/Cell Biology
3 credits
Nutrition 3 credits
Statistics 3 credits
Humanities - 12 credits
English/Literature 3 credits
Philosophy - Heath Care Ethics 3 credits
Theology 3 credits
Humanities Elective 3 credits
Social/Behavioral Sciences - 18 credits
General Psychology 3 credits
Developmental Psychology 3 credits
Introductory Sociology 3 credits
Social/Behavioral Electives 9 credits
Transfer Credits - 30 credits
Credits transferred for graduates of ACEN (formerly NLNAC) Accredited Programs with GPA of 2.75 30 credits
Nursing - 42 credits
(30 credits nursing courses and 12 credits awarded through clinical decision-making assessment.)
NUR 2810  Research and Scientific Evidence in Nursing Practice
3 credits
NUR 3000 Foundations in Nursing and Health
3 credits
NUR 3007 Health Assessment
3 credits
NUR 3122 Imperatives for Global and Public Health
3 credits
NUR 4112 Health Promotion and Home Health in the Community
3 credits
NUR 4113 Practicum in Health Promotion and Home Health in the Community
5 credits
NUR 4114 Nursing and Health Policy
2 credits
NUR 4116 Leadership and Management in Health Care
2 credits
NUR 4117 Field Work in Leadership and Management in Health Care
3 credits
NUR 4118 Cultural Influences on Health Beliefs and Practices
3 credits
Clinical Decision-Making Assessment 12 credits
Total 120-122 Credits

*BSN candidates take NUR 2810 or NUR 8904 (Graduate Research)  after completing a course in statistics.
Research course must be taken prior to clinical nursing courses.

RN licensure is required before taking NUR 4000 level courses.

My View

"Dedicated Villanova faculty members have created a program that inspires and supports eager students to cultivate their own learning path. The classes are small and the experiences and interests of the students help shape the learning. Professors artfully balance the unique needs of adult learners already in the field while presenting new knowledge and experiences that becomes essential to the professional development of the student.'"

Hannah Eldredge

BSN/MSN Gateway Program for Registered Nurses Overview