Registration for Enrolled Graduate Students

Graduate Registration

Graduate Nursing Students Registering for the Summer and Fall semesters:

The following is important information for you to have in order to register for the SUMMER 2016 and FALL 2016 semesters. Please read this thoroughly and follow the directions carefully.

All registration is completed on-line from Thursday, March 24, 2015 at 9:00 AM through Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:00 PM for both the Summer and Fall semesters.

Courses cannot be added or dropped on-line after April 8, 2016.

Registration Procedure

1. Review your program plan and identify those courses you plan to take in the Summer and Fall.

2. Review the 5-year plan of course offerings.

3. Review the Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 course schedules and select those courses you plan to take.

  • Summer 2015 Session Dates are as follows:

Summer Session I:   May 27 - June 24
Summer Session II:  June 26 -  July 27
Summer Session III: May 27 -  July 27

* Note: NUR 8906-030 and NUR-8906-031 begin May 19, 2014.

  • The Fall 2015 semester at Villanova University begins on Monday, August 24, 2015.

4. Contact your advisor and discuss your selections.

5. Obtain your registration pin number from your advisor and register online via Novasis.

6. Review the directions for online registration.

No on-line registration is permitted before March 26, 2015 or after April 10, 2015, and you must complete the process by April 10, 2015.

Please note that after April 10 2015, course enrollments for the Summer and Fall will be reviewed. If enrollments are not sufficient to sustain a course, the course will be cancelled.


To view course schedules and to check for open sections of courses, you may access the Master Schedule on the web via NOVASIS, Villanova’s student information system.


  • Please remember that if you plan to graduate in August 2015, your graduation application must be submitted by July 15.
  • December 2014 graduates must submit applications by October 1.
  • Application for Summer and Fall practicum and Independent Study are due October 1.
  • All Applications are available on our College of Nursing Student Materials site.

Questions about registration?

If you have questions about the registration process, contact Rebecca Harold, Graduate Nursing Program Assistant at 610-519-4934 or

Spring Registration

Spring 2016 registration begins on November 1, 2015. Information will be available in the future for Spring 2016.