Distance Learning System Requirements

Distance Learning System Requirements

The PhD in Nursing program is taught using distance learning technology in the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer courses are taught on the Villanova University campus. (International students may attend classes on campus.)

In order to parcipate effectively in Villanova's distance learning courses, you must have full access to a reliable laptop/desktop connected to the Internet.  Your computer and communications hardware and software should meet or exceed the following requirements as listed in the Computer Requirements for Distance Learning document.

Please visit the University's Student Services site for additional information on College Computer Requirements, Villanova's Computer Purchase Program, purchasing Microsoft Office Suite of applications, downloading AntiVirus programs and Wireless configuration for VUMobile.

My View

"The distance-learning format of this program is attractive because of the flexibility it will allow with my personal and professional schedule. Removing the travel time will increase the quality of time I will have to spend on research and scholarly work for the program."

Cathy Poillon Lovecchio


All students enrolled in this program will require a high-speed internet connection.

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