Courses in the PhD Sequence

Course Description
NUR 8500 - American Higher Education Introduction to evolution of American higher education:  trends, issues, policies and procedures.
NUR 8900 - Issues and Trends in Health Care and Health Delivery Systems Issues and trends in health care and health delivery systems, societal structures and organizations related to the delivery of health care and leadership issues in professional and civic organizations in matters related to health.
NUR 8950 - Curriculum in Nursing Education Curriculum designs and their application, conceptual frameworks, instructional resources, program plans, outcomes and modes of evaluation, including standards, criteria and accreditation.
NUR 8951 - Principles of Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing Concepts related to assessment, measurement and evaluation in nursing education; outcome and program evaluation; testing; clinical performance evaluation.
NUR 8952 - Teaching Strategies in Nursing Theory and strategies for teaching based on the problem solving process, teaching/learning process and the nature of communication in teaching.
NUR 8954 - Practicum in Nursing Education Apply knowledge and skills acquired in previous courses to the teaching-learning process and performance of the faculty role under mentorship of master teachers. 
NUR 9500 - Social Ethics and Healthcare The impact on societal health and well-being of broad social initiatives and government policies will be considered using selected frameworks.
NUR 9501 - Concepts in Health and Culture Concepts related to health, nursing, ethics, education, diversity and/or cultural competence will be analyzed as they relate to research and theory development.
NUR 9502 - Philosophy and Science of Nursing The history of science from premodern through postmodern paradigms, including definitions of knowledge, inquiry and consciousness, Nightingale in context, and nursing and biomedical models in context.
NUR 9503 - Quantitative Research Design and Methods Defining research problems, ethical considerations, validity, and various designs including experimental, quasi-experimental, descriptive, program evaluation, meta-analysis and epidemiological studies.
NUR 9504 - Qualitative Research Design and Methods Qualitative approaches to research including phenomenology, hermeneutics, grounded theory, ethnography, case study, historical research, combined methods and issues of rigor and confirmability.
NUR 9505 - Statistical Analysis I Principles of inferential statistical analysis including descriptive statistics, correlation coefficients, t-test, chi-squared, F sampling distribution, and effect size.
NUR 9506 - Statistical Analysis II Interpretation of advanced multivariate analysis including factor analysis, path analysis, analysis of covariance, and multiple regression.
NUR 9508 - Doctoral Dissertation Continuation Students who have completed all other doctoral requirements will enroll each semester until completion of the dissertation.
NUR 9509 - Philosophy of Higher Education The relation of major philosophical themes and trends up to the twenty-first century to concepts and issues in higher education.
NUR 9511, NUR 9512, NUR 9513, - Dissertation Seminar I, II and III Development of the dissertation with peer critique of the research question, theoretical framework, review of literature and proposed methodologies.
NUR 9514 - Advanced Research Design Preparation of a draft of the complete dissertation proposal that will be further refined working with committee members, and the IBR application if relevant. The course grade will be assigned after successful proposal defense.
Cognate Course A course or independent study that supports the dissertation.
Courses in the PhD Sequence