NUR 8964 Clinical Ethics: Theory and Practice 3 credits
NUR 8902 Development of Nursing Science
3 credits
NUR 8904 Nursing Research: The Practice Connection 3 credits
NUR 8906 Leadership Strategies in Nursing 2 3 credits
NUR 9002 Independent Study in Nursing 3 3 credit
NUR 8944 Strategies for Quality Improvement & Outcomes in Health Care 3 credits
NUR 8971 Health Care Economics & Financial Management 3 credits
NUR 8972 Work Force Management in Health Care 3 credits
NUR 8973 Decisions in Health Care Marketing 1 credit
NUR 8974 Business Ethics in Health Care 1 credit
NUR 8975 Health Care Planning & Project Management 1 credit
NUR 8961 Political Action, Health Politics and Policy 3 credits
NUR 8940 Current Perspectives in Clinical Practice 3 credits
NUR 8930 Administration in Health Care Organization 1 3 credits
NUR 8948 Field Placement in Health Care Administration 3 3 credits

1 NUR 8930 must be taken prior to NUR 8906
2 NUR 8906 must be taken with or following NUR 8948
3 Application due October 1 or February 1

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My View

“The program prepares students with an interest in the healthcare field with in-depth knowledge in the latest critical management strategies to become a successful leader. It offers relevant and flexible opportunities to meet the needs for personal and professional development. The faculty are very helpful, approachable, and ready to assist and facilitate learning required.”

Fatma al-Masroori, Sultanate of Oman

Health care administration

An Interview With...

Jean Marie Carroll, Nurse Coordinator, Pediatric Advanced Care Team, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

What benefits have you seen with the HCA program? T
he health care administration program provided me with a broader understanding of the meaning of leadership and management. It enhanced the foundation that my undergraduate program and real-life work experiences gave me. My professional practice has been enhanced with a new perspective of managing and negotiating in the health care arena. It has increased my confidence when working in new leadership roles.

How has the program worked with your "real" life? The structure of the program allowed me to balance a full-time career and family life by doing courses at a pace that made sense for a work/life balance. The option to do on-line classes offers flexibility in a very fast-paced work force.

What else would you say to someone considering the program? I would recommend this program to other individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the hopes of advancing their career path.