Volume 31 to 35

Volume 31 Religious Values at the Threshold of the Third Millennium

a. John R. May, “Religious Values and the Media: Movies”: “The Greatest Stories Ever Told: Hollywood and Religion at the Millennium”
b. Marsha L. Vanderford, “Religious Values and the Media: Television”: “A Case Study of ‘ER’ and Moral Ambiguity”
c. Laura L. Garcia, “Religious Values and Politics: A Conservative Perspective”
d. Robert P. George, “Religious Values and Politics: A Liberal Perspective”
e. Sidney Callahan, “Religious Values and Science: Psychology/Psychiatry”
f. William Rehg, S.J., “Religious Values and Science: Artificial Intelligence Technology”

Volume 32 Ethical Dilemmas in the New Millennium I

a. James F. Keenan, S.J., “Fundamental Moral Theology in the New Millennium”
b. Christine E. Gudorf, “Sexual Morality in the New Millennium”
c. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., “Bioethics in the New Millennium”
d. Judith A. Merkle, S.N.D.deN., “Social Ethics in the New Millennium”
e. Anne E. Patrick, S.N.J.M., “Feminist Ethics in the New Millennium”
f. M. Cathleen Kaveny, “Ethics/Civil Law in the New Millennium”

Volume 33 Ethical Dilemmas in the New Millennium II


Volume 34 Themes in Feminist Theology for the New Millennium I

a. Jane Kopas, O.S.F., “‘Something Particular’: Women’s Self Narrative as a Resource for Theology”
b. Mary Aquin O’Neill, R.S.M., “Female Embodiment and the Incarnation”
c. M. Shawn Copeland, “Enfleshing Freedom: Theological Anthropology in Womanist Perspective”
d. Maureen A. Tilley, “Male and Female: Made in the Image of God Incarnate”
e. Mary E. Hunt, “Feminist Theological Ethics: Doing Justice to Justice”
f. Phyllis H. Kaminski, “Thinking Through the Daughter: Challenges of Feminist Theory and Theology”

Volume 35 Themes in Feminist Theology for the New Millennium II

a. Helen M. Alvaré, “Christian Feminism and Family Life in the New
Millennium: A new feminism fit for a new family life?”
b. Barbara Hilkert Andolsen, “Women’s Work and Justice in a Global Economy”
c. Sheila Briggs, “Christian Feminism and Popular Culture:
d. Phyllis Zagano, “Women of the Church in the New Millennium”
e. Pheme Perkins, “Women in the New Testament Church: Real or Memorex?”
f. Gaile M. Pohlhaus, “Who Will Be the Christian Feminists of the New Millennium?”


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