Volume 26 to 30

Volume 26 All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed

a. Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J., “Toward a Theology of Mary: Past, Present, Future”
b. Alice L. Laffey, “Images of Mary in the Christian Scriptures”
c. Mary T. Malone, “Mary, Advocate of Justice”
d. Doris K. Donnelly, “Mary: A Sign of Contradiction to Women?”
e. Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz, “Images of Mary in Popular Devotion: Universalizing Mother in the Late Twentieth Century”
f. Carol Frances Jegen, B.V.M., “Mary and the Church of the Future”

Volume 27 New Perspectives on the Beatitudes

a. Michael H. Crosby, O.F.M.Cap., “The Beatitudes: General Perspectives”
b. Mary R. D’Angelo, “‘Blessed the One Who Reads and Those Who Hear’: The Beatitudes in Their Biblical Contexts”
c. David P. Reid, SS.CC., “‘A Strategy of Endurance’: The Book of Revelation as Commentary on the Beatitudes, Blessed Are the Mourning and the Suffering”
d. Susan Muto, “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit and the Pure of Heart”
e. Mary Ann Hinsdale, I.H.M., “Blessed Are the Persecuted…Hungering and Thirsting for Justice: Blessings for Those Breaking Boundaries”
f. Monika K. Hellwig, “The Blessedness of the Meek, the Merciful, and the Peacemakers”

Volume 28 Teach Us to Pray

a. Janet K. Ruffing, R.S.M., “The Human Experience of Prayer: East and West”
b. Elisabeth M. Tetlow, “The Biblical Experience of Prayer”
c. Mary Collins, O.S.B., “The Form of Liturgical Prayer: The Challenges of Embodiment, Aesthetics, Ambiguity”
d. Susanne M. DeCrane, “Ask for Anything: A Retrieval of a Theology of Petitionary Prayer”
e. Maria Harris, “Teach Us to Pray: The Group Experience of Prayer’
f. Christine M. Bochen, “Pray for Your Own Discovery: Thomas Merton on the Personal Experience of Prayer”

Volume 29 Prayer: The Global Experience

a. Dolores Lee Greeley, “Christians and the Global Experience of Prayer”
b. William Cenkner, “Christians and the Hindu Experience of Prayer”
c. Gerard S. Sloyan, “Christians and the Jewish Experience of Prayer”
d. Mary Jo Meadow, “Getting Real and Becoming No-Thing: Christians and the Buddhist Experience of Prayer”
e. Jane I. Smith, “Christians and the Islamic Experience of Prayer”
f. Carol J. Gallagher, “The Sacred Work of Prayer: The Native American Christian Experience”

Volume 30 At the Threshold of the Third Millennium

a. Michael J. Scanlon, O.S.A., “Theological Studies at the Threshold of the Third Millennium”
b. John Reumann, “Biblical Studies at the Threshold of the Third Millennium”
c. Monika K. Hellwig, “Christological Studies at the Threshold of the Third Millennium”
d. Julia Ann Upton, R.S.M., “Carpe Momentum: Liturgical Studies at the Threshold of the Third Millennium”
e. Judith A. Dwyer, “Ethical Studies at the Threshold of the Third Millennium”
f. Susan A. Ross, “Feminist Theological Studies at the Threshold of the Third Millennium”


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