Volume 21 to 25

Volume 21 The Spirit Moving the Church in the United States

a. Joseph Komonchak, “The Church in the United States Today”
b. Josephine Massyngbaerde Ford, “The Biblical Understanding of the Spirit”
c. Jerome Theisen, O.S.B., “Power, Authority, and Charism in the Church”
d. Sister Marie Augusta Neal, S.N.D. de Namur, “The Spirit in the Quest for Justice”
e. Elizabeth Creyer, “One Spirit – Many Ministries”
f. John D. Haughey, S.J., “Living in the Spirit”

Volume 22 Suffering and Healing in our Day

a. Susan A. Ross, “The Human Face of Suffering and Healing”
b. Adela Yarbro Collins, “‘Remove This Cup’: Suffering and Healing in the Gospel of Mark”
c. William M. Thompson, “A Suffering World, a Loving God?: A Moderate Panentheistic View”
d. Patrick J. Howell, S.J., “Psycho-Spiritual Sources of Healing the Human Heart”
e. Juliana Casey, I.H.M., “Suffering and Dying with Dignity”
f. Richard Shaull, “The Redemptive Suffering of the Poor”

Volume 23 Imaging Christ: Politics, Art, Spirituality

a. Mary Gerhart, “Imagining Christ in Art, Politics, and Spirituality: An Overview”
b. Lawrence S. Cunningham, “Spirituality: Encountering Images of Christ”
c. John R. May, “Art: Shaping Images of Christ”
d. Paul Varo Martinson, “World Religions: The Problem of Imaging Christ”
e. John H. Yoder, “Politics, Liberating Images of Christ”
f. Ellen Leonard, C.S.J., “Women: Confronting Images of Christ”

Volume 24 The Works of Mercy: New Perspectives on Ministry

a. Sidney Callahan, “The Works of Mercy: General Pespectives”
b. Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, “The Works of Mercy: Theological Perspectives”
c. Suzanne C. Toton, “The Works of Mercy: Feeding the Hungry”
d. Peter R. Gathje, “The Works of Mercy: Housing the Homeless”
e. Gerald A. McHugh, Jr., “Ransoming the Captive: Some Perspectives on Ministry in Criminal Justice”
f. Doris Gottemoeller, R.S.M., “Visiting the Sick in the World of Modern Health Care”

Volume 25 Rethinking the Spiritual Works of Mercy

a. Christine E. Gudorf, “Admonishing the Sinner: Owning Structural Sin”
b. Margaret M. McKenna, M.M.S., “Counseling the Doubtful: Struggling to Live Faithfully”
c. June E. O’Connor, “Comforting the Sorrowful: Witnessing in a Broken World”
d. William M. Shea, “Instructing the Ignorant: Loving the Truth”
e. Gaile M. Pohlhaus, “Bearing Wrongs Patiently/Forgiving All Injuries: Loving the Sinner?”
f. Bonnie B. Thurston, “Praying for the Living and the Dead: Re-membering”


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