Volume 11 to 15

Volume 11 The Sacraments: God’s Love and Mercy Actualized (out of print)


Volume 12 Who Do People Say I Am?

a. Bernard P. Prusak, “‘The Son of Man Came Eating and Drinking’: An Overview of Christological Perspectives on the Incarnation”
b. David Stanley, “‘Go and Tell John What You Hear and See’: Jesus’ Self-Understanding in the Light of His Earthly History”
c. Gerard S. Sloyan, “‘Come, Lord Jesus’: The View of the Post Resurrection Community”
d. Beatrice Bruteau, “Freedom: ‘If Anyone Is in Christ, That Person Is a New Creation’”
e. Christopher F. Mooney, S.J., “Freedom and Pluralism in American Religious Commitment”
f. Edward K. Braxton, “What, Then, Do I Say About Jesus?: ‘The Hint Half Guessed, The Gift Half Understood…’”

Volume 13 Whither Creativity, Freedom, Suffering?: Humanity, Cosmos, God

a. Thomas Berry, “Perspectives on Creativity: Openness to a Free Future”
b. Sandra Schneiders, I.H.M., “Freedom: Response and Responsibility: The Vocation of the Biblical Scholar in the Church
c. Roland E. Murphy, O. Carm., “Biblical Insights into Suffering: Pathos and Compassion”
d. Emily M. Binns, “Defining Humanity in Every Age: The Christ-Event as Paradigm”
e. Joseph B. Gavin, S.J., “History within the Cosmic Process: Human and Divine Presence”
f. Eulalio R. Baltazar, “Speaking of God in an Ever Changing World”

Volume 14 Dimensions of Contemporary Spirituality (out of print)


Volume 15 Contemporary Spirituality: Responding to the Divine Initiative

a. Michael Fishbane, “Jewish Perspectives on Prayer and Living”
b. John Shea, “Jesus’ Response to God as Abba: Prayer and Service”
c. Doris Donnelly, “Prayer: The Response of the Contemporary Christian”
d. Richard McSorley, S.J., “Peace and Justice in a Nuclear Age”
e. Julia Upton, “Liturgy/Eucharist/World”
f. William R. Callahan, S.J., “Spirituality and Justice: An Evolving Vision of the Great Commandment”


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