Volume 06 to 10

Volume 6 The Church and Human Society at the Threshold of the Third Millennium

a. Joseph Papin, “From Collegiality and Sobornost to Church Unity”
b. Bernard Cardinal Alfrink, “The Church and its Future”
c. David M. Stanley, “The Risen Christ as Master of History”
d. Carl J. Peter, “The Church—Can It Help Man Move Forward?”
e. James M. Gustafson, “The Church in Dialogue with Non-Christians and Humanists”
f. John L. McKenzie, “The Church as an Institution: An Eschatological View”
g. Joseph Papin, “The Virgin Mary in an Unpublished Syriac Manuscript of Patriarch Giwargis Be’eltan (VIII Century)”
h. Monika Konrad Hellwig, “Political Theology: The Possibility of Specific Application”
i. George R. Radan-Alfonz Lengyel, “The Hermitage of SS. Lucy and Anthony of Rosia: Historical Documentation of an Augustinian Hermitage”

Volume 7 Living with Change, Experience, Faith

a. Philip Scharper, “Change: Myth and Reality in the Church”
b. Gustavo Gutierrez, “Faith as Freedom: Solidarity with the Alienated and Confidence in the Future”
c. David J. O’Brien, “The Coming of Age of American Catholicism”
d. James A. Coriden, “Human Values and Church Law: Will Freedom or Structure Prevail?”
e. J. Massyngberde Ford, “The Changing Face of Christ in the Pauline Letters”
f. Langdon Gilkey, “God: Eternal Source of Newness”

Volume 8 From Alienation to At-one-ness

a. James W. Fowler, “Alienation as a Human Experience”
b. Raimundo Panikkar, “Colligite Fragmenta: For an Integration of Reality”
c. W. D. Davies, “From Tyranny to Liberation: Pauline Experience of Alienation and Reconciliation”
d. Gregory G. Baum, “Alienation and Reconciliation: A Socio-Theological Approach”
e. Dorothee Soelle, “Christ and Humanity: Their Role in the Search for Personal Identity”
f. Franco Sottocornola, “The Liturgical Experience and Expression of Reconciliation”

Volume 9 Christian Spirituality in the United States: Dependence and Interdependence (out of print)

a. John A. Rohr, “John Courtney Murray’s Theology of Our Found Fathers’ ‘Faith’: Freedom”
b. Richard J. Neuhaus, “One (Sinful?) Nation Under God: Theological Catharsis of the American Dream”
c. Rosemary Radford Ruether, “Rich Nations/Poor Nations: Towards a Just World Order in the Era of Neo-Colonialism”
d. Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P., “Self-Determina

Volume 10 Ministering in a Servant Church (out of print)

a. Sister Mary José Hobday, O.S.F., “To Serve or Not to Be Served: The Church as Servant in Our Time”
b. James F. McCue, “Is the Early Christian Development of Ministry Definitely Absolutized?”
c. Reginald H. Fuller, “The Son of Man Came to Serve, Not to Be Served”
d. Margaret A. Farley, R.S.M., “The Church as Christ Living in the World: What Needs Must Be Ministered to Today?”
e. John Reumann, “Ecclesial Recognition of the Ministry of Women: New Testament Perspectives and Contemporary Applications”
f. Dennis J. Geany, O.S.A., “What Must I Be to Minister?”tion as a Biblical Theme: Prophetic Vision on Particularism Versus Universalism”
e. Frederic J. Kelly, S.J., “A Prophetic Struggle Toward Freedom and Social Responsibility: The Contribution of Thomas Merton”
f. Joseph M. Powers, S.J., “Eucharist: Symbol of Freedom and Community”


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