Volume 01 to 05

Volume 1 The Dynamic in Christian Thought

a. Joseph Papin, “Post-Conciliar Perspectives”
b. Eugene Fontinell, “God: A Pragmatic Reconstruction
c. Krister Stendahl, “The Role of the Bible in the Theology of the Future”
d. Avery Dulles, “The Meaning of Revelation” (available in PDF)
e. Jaroslav Pelikan, “De-Judaization and Hellenization: The Ambiguities of Christian Identity”
f. Bernard Häring, “Morality: Underlying and Unchging Principles?”
g. Eugene H. Maly, “Scriptural Basis for Secularity”
h. Walter J. Burghardt, “Jewish-Christian Diologue: Early Church versus Contemporary Christianity”
i. John T. Noonan, “Developing Moral Teaching”
j. Eulalio R. Baltazar, “Evolution of the Human Soul”
k. John L. McKenzie, “The Institutional Church”

Volume 2 & 3 Christian Action and Openness to the World

a. Joseph Papin, “Second Sight: From Aggiornamento to Approfondimento”
b. Barnabas M. Ahern, “The Pauline Spirit—An Inspiration for Action”
c. Godfrey L. Diekmann, “Liturgy: Shaped by and the Shaper of the Ongoing Christian Community”
d. George A. Lindbeck, “The Future of the Dialogue: Pluralism or an Eventual Synthesis of Doctrine”
e. Harvey Cox, “Secular Holiness: Loss or Gain of Christian Identity”
f. Alexander Schmemann, “Church and State: The Orthodox Christian Experience with a View Towards the Future”
g. James M. Gustafson, “The Theologian as Prophet, Preserver, or Participant”
h. Piet Schoonenberg, “From a Two-Nature Christology to a Christology of Presence”
i. Bernard Alfrink, “The Experience of the Church in Holland: Authority as a Service in the Mutual Encounter”
j. Eugene Carson Blake, “The Churches’ Contribution to World Unity and Community”
k. Charles A. Curran, “A Need for Listeners”
l. Abraham I. Katsh, “The Religious Tradition or Traditions in a Traditionless Age”
m. Roland E. Murphy, “The Hebrew Sage and Openness to the World”
n. Joseph H. Fichter, “Christians as a Minority in a World Community”
o. Bernard L. Bonniwell, “The Universe of Man”

Volume 4 The Pilgrim People: A Vision with Hope

a. Joseph Pain, “Modern Christian Maturity of the Pilgrim in the World: Encounter between East and West”
b. George B. Flahiff, “Eras of Openness in the Ecclesiastical History of the Pilgrim People of God”
c. Bernard Lonergan, “Religious Commitment”
d. Paul Ramsey, “Morals and the Practice of Genetic Medicine”
e. Charles E. Curran, “The Stance or Horizon of Moral Theology”
f. Michael J. Scanlon, “Pilgrim and Polis”
g. George H. Tavard, “Ecumenical Dimensions: A New Hope and Vision of Unity”

Volume 5 The Eschaton: A Community of Love (out of print)

a. Joseph Papin, “Eschaton in the Vision of the Russian Newman (Soloviev)”
b. Krister Stendahl, “On Earth as it is in Heaven—Dynamics in Christian Eschatology”
c. Avery Dulles, “The Church as Eschatological Community” (available in PDF)
d. Frederick E. Crowe, “Eschaton and Worldly Mission in the Mind and Heart of Jesus”
e. Eulalio Baltazar, “A Processive View of the Eschaton as Community of Love”
f. Edward Gannon, “Eschaton and Existence: A Phenomenological View”
g. Walter J. Burghardt, “Eschaton and Resurrection: Patristic Insights”


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* DullesAvery_TheMeaningofRevelation.pdf
Avery Dulles, “The Meaning of Revelation”
* Dulles_TheChurchEschatologicalComm.pdf
Avery Dulles, “The Church as Eschatological Community”