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Summer Research Grant 2014

For faculty interested in pursuing aspects of the theme -- Spirituality & Theology -- within theological, social, and psychological arenas; interdisciplinary proposals from a variety of disciplines are especially welcomed.

Applicants must write a proposal of no more than 500 words to include: a summary of the topic, a tentative title, some discussion of how it contributes to the study of spirituality and/or theology, and the expected goal or aim of the research project.

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The Human Rights Popes
The Human Rights Popes
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The Human Rights Popes Flyer


Spring 2014 Lecture Series

Spring 2014 Lecture Series


Fall 2013 Jewish Faith & Life Lecture Series

Fall 2013 Jewish Lecture Series
Theology in Music Panel
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Past News & Events

November 17, 2011
“Historical Accountability and Virtues of Integrity”
Margaret Urban Walker
(co-sponsored with the Office of Mission and Ministry)

October 21, 2011
“Truth in Jest: The Place of Laughter in Spirituality”
Anita Houck

March 14, 2011
"From the Buggy to the Byte: How the Amish Tame Technology"
Donald B. Kraybill

March 31, 2011
Serving the Crucified People: Using Science, Ethics, and Theology to Fight Environmental Injustice
Kristen Shrader-Frechette

October 26, 2010
Welcome to the Dazzling Technological Revolution!?  How About a Little Cautious Toe-Dipping Instead
Mark Graham, Villanova University

In Memoriam: Avery Cardinal Dulles - 1918-2008
Cardinal Dulles contributed to the Theology Institute over the years.
Several of his papers are available here:

* DullesAvery_TheMeaningofRevelation.pdf
The Meaning of Revelation
* Dulles_TheChurchEschatologicalCommunity.pdf
The Church as Eschatological Community
* Dulles.pdf
The Mission of the Church in Gaudium et spes