Monday of Holy Week

Readings: Is 42: 1-7 / Ps 27: 1-3, 13-14 / Jn 12: 1-11

God calls us to action for peace and justice

In Isaiah the words “my servant” and “my chosen” apply to us as well.  The Lord calls us in “righteousness” and our assignment is clear.  We are to bring “justice to the nations”.  We need to share the “light” so that others may see the Glory of God and those who are captives, perhaps to our worldly materialism and our busy lives, will be set free.                 

That seems like an impossible goal for just one person.  How can we do that?

We are given a model of how to carry out our calling. The scriptures describe the peaceful methods that will work.  Not loud and boastful but quiet, subtle, passive and persistent.  We may need to get out of our comfort zone and do something different.  The Psalmist reassurances us that although we may encounter difficulties or opposition we can be confident that our actions will bring about Justice, according to God’s will.  Because the Lord is with us we should not fear.  Even those who might oppose us will “stumble and fall”.  Imagine what you would try if you knew that you could not fail.

We know the story of Martha who was busy serving the dinner while Mary was paying attention to Jesus.  Martha wasn’t happy.  As Jesus often does, he uses the experience as a sign to us to take bold actions.   Mary committed what was surely for her a valuable possession, risking reprisal, to convey a message about what is important.  Whether it be our time or our resources we should not hold back when it comes to serving the Lord.  As we serve the Lord with others in community we will “see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living.”

Lawrence Cozzens
Graduate Program, Human Resources Development