Fifth Tuesday of Lent

Readings: Nm 21: 4-9 / Ps 102: 2-3, 16-21 / Jn 8: 21-30

Today’s passages speak of impatience to have immediate and positive answers to our prayers.  The children of Israel demanded more and better food and a speedy end to their journey away from Egypt.  In Psalm 102:2-3 the speaker asked God to “answer me speedily”.  Consider also the disbelief of the Pharisees who asked, “Who are you?”  To this day we demand answers to our questions, satisfaction of our needs and escape from our troubles. Yet it is our Lord who should be impatient with us, the beings he created to share his eternal kingdom.  

Who are we to make these demands?  We are God’s children of whom he asks only faith, obedience and humility.  Our time on Earth is a gift soon to be followed by eternal life for those who live through faith.  We should be asking the Lord what we could do for Him.  But we don’t have to ask because God sent his son Jesus Christ to tell us exactly how we should live.  Christ instructed us to believe in Him and live a life of faith and service to those less fortunate.  In doing so we will be blessed.

We are especially blessed as members of Villanova, a community led by Christ’s shepherds.  Every building features a cross and Christ watches over us in so many ways each day.  We see the Holy Spirit at work in every smile and act of kindness.  Let us rejoice in our community and share its special faith as we go forward each day.  This is the gift we can give back to God.

The seed is the word of God, Christ is the sower;
all who come to him will live forever.

Deborah Tyksinski
College of Professional Studies