Third Sunday of Lent

Readings: Ex 17: 3-7 / Ps 95: 1-2, 6-9 / Rm 5: 1-2, 5-8 / Jn 4: 5-42

For the Third Sunday of Lent, our readings call us to listen carefully for God because He often shows Himself in mysterious ways. The First Reading tells a story of Moses. The reading tells us that when we go through times of struggle in our lives and do not understand God’s plan, God always knows what is best for us and will help us in ways we may not expect. The Psalm echoes this idea that we must listen to God. The psalm is telling us to not be afraid of what God calls us to do because he will be there with us. The Second Reading continues this concept; because God is always there for us, we will always have hope in knowing God can get us through anything.

The Gospel ties together the concepts that we must search for God in our life, recognize that He may appear in ways we do not want or expect, and we must listen to God knowing that His presence will bring us hope. In the Gospel, Jesus speaks with a woman who is surprised to have Him come up to her. She initially does not want to speak with Jesus just as many of us do not always hear Him when He speaks to us. The woman then goes on to question Jesus. Many of us are like this woman and question God when He speaks to us in our lives and are not open to what He has to say. Ultimately, the woman recognizes that she is speaking with God because God knows everything about her and has been with her all along. On this third week of Lent, we must do our best to listen to God’s voice in our lives and be open to His presence.

Kathleen Boyce
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Class of 2017