Second Friday of Lent

Readings: Gn 37: 3-4, 12-13, 17-18 / Ps 105: 16-21 / Mt 21: 33-46

In today’s parable, Jesus calls out the chief priests and the elders, who completely discredit Jesus and believe that he has no authority to teach such lessons.  He illustrates their unwillingness to listen to God’s message through the prophets, through John the Baptist, and ultimately to the Son of God himself, foreshadowing Jesus’ crucifixion.  Christ reminds them that “the stone which the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone.”  In other words, the person who they are rejecting (Jesus) is the one who is the foundation of a life filled with peace, happiness, and love.  

“Remember the marvels the Lord has done.”  Reading this verse along with the gospel passage can challenge us to look at our own lives and find the parts which we reject: things we suffer with, the hardships, the things that we’d rather just put to the side and forget about.  Jesus may be calling us to look and see how we can allow His grace to shine through in the midst of our suffering…“Remember the marvels the Lord has done.” What can happen when we choose not to reject or ignore our pain?  If we choose to allow God to carry our burdens with us rather than cast them to the side?  Our God is a God of compassion; he suffers alongside us and knows our pain and he cries with us when we experience hardship.  He is the stone which the builders rejected, He is the God that shows us anything is possible: the God that can make all things new.

Meghan Dietzler
Campus Ministry