Fourth Wednesday of Lent

Readings: Is 49: 8-15 / Ps 145: 8-9, 13-14, 17-18 / Jn 5: 17-30

One of our greatest gifts as Christians is that we never walk the journey of faith alone. In Lent, both personally, and more importantly, communally, we pray, fast, and give alms in attempts to make a return to God for all his goodness in life. Lent leads to the Cross!  It is from the Cross of Christ that we find out truest selves.  We place our lives, like Mary, at the foot of the Cross, to pray and trust in his power.  Lent is a special season grace.

Jesus was true to his identity on the Cross.  Lent is a precious time of grace.  The Church sets the cross before us as a symbol of hope and encouragement.  The cross is set before us to help us to be honest, and to remind us how much God has loved us.  Somehow, by God's marvelous gift, he continues to love us despite our shortcomings and failures.  Somehow by God's mysterious design, the cross brings a fuller expression of what God has created in his image and likeness.

We are friends with a journey to make!  We stay on the journey of Lent together, not to wallow in our lack of strength, but to have a greater confidence in his and to uncover those hard places in our hearts afraid to be known to God.  We are God’s presence to this world.  We live in this Lenten season, glorying in his Cross and his Resurrection to imagine a world better by our prayers and sacrifices. We rely on his power. We trust in the prayers of others. We walk in hope that this Lent will be different from all the rest in the past. We make this journey of Lent together confident that it will lead to Easter blessings!

Happy Lent!

Rev. Keith J. Hollis, OSA
Campus Ministry