Second Thursday of Lent

Readings: Jer 17: 5-10 / Ps 1: 1-4, 6 / Lk 16: 19-31

The lectionary for today provides an interesting juxtaposition for those place their faith God versus those who turn away from Him. The verses from the books of Jeremiah, Psalms, and Luke make use of metaphors, to help us understand the power and glory of God. We learn that those who seek God will thrive like a tree next to a stream. They will be provided nourishment and shall receive the gift of eternal life. In grim contrast, those that choose not to heed God’s teachings will struggle through life like chaff in the wind, experiencing agony and torment.

The passages speak of the different seasons of life that we encounter. Sometimes we will feel God’s light shining upon us, allowing us to prosper at whatever we do. At other times, we will feel like a barren bush in the desert, unable to find relief from our troubles. God’s word suggests that through faith in Him, we can thrive during all of the seasons of life. When we trust in the Lord, He watches over us and stands by our side through both good times and bad.

During this season of Lent, let us place our trust in the Lord so that we may experience God’s salvation and mercy. No matter what our circumstances, let us follow Lazarus’ example and give all of our worries and fears to God. The Lord promises to probe our minds and test our hearts when we seek His wisdom. My prayer is that we, as the Villanova community, open our minds and hearts to God and receive His blessings of wisdom and love.

Jeremy Kees