Advent 2017

Third Friday in Advent - December 22nd

1Sm 1: 24-28 / Ps 1 Sm 2: 1, 4-8 / Lk 1: 46-56

She left Samuel there.

Do I have that kind of faith, enough to leave a recently weaned child at the temple? I have trouble letting go of my children as they head off to college. I don’t like meeting my daughters’ serious boyfriends, it is the beginning of letting go. It is the beginning of the end. The Lord is always faithful. Hannah was faithful. How strong is my faith?

The humility and grace of Mary’s Magnificat compels me to reread it. Mary was so young, yet reacted with wisdom and spiritual maturity to the angel Gabriele. I love the Annunciation painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner depicting this moment. Mary’s face is a mixture of wonder and resignation as she ponders. Her faithful consent, her “yes,” magnifies the goodness and love of the Lord. After the Annunciation, she hastens to see Elizabeth, and responds with this magnificent hymn of praise, extolling the mercy, strength, compassion, and faithfulness of the Lord. So we are back to faith. I pray for faith the size of a mustard seed.

Bob Morro
Facilities Management