Advent 2014

Third Tuesday in Advent - December 16th

Zep 3: 1-2, 9-13 / Ps 34: 1-3, 6-7, 17-19, 23 / Mt 21: 28-32

In the readings today we see the power of God, Yaweha, with His coveted people. It talks about the shelter God will provide and the protection for all harm. “I seek Yahweah and he answers me, he frees me from all my fears.”

During these last few days before Christmas, this reading reminds us that we must turn to God if we are feeling saddened or anxious by a hardship this year.  It is when we are missing a loved one, someone in our lives is suffering an illness, or maybe it is the thought that there are those who are alone, cold and hungry during these cold winter months that make us seek the protection of God. 

It is in these moments, when actions fail us, which we offer up our prayers to God.  It is a common misconception that we pray to God to help us, to provide, to save.  Instead, during this Christmas season, allow your prayers to be sent to those who need it most.  Let your prayers serve as a source of strength for those who are tired, weak, and alone.  God knows we need help before we ask for it.  So instead of asking for His help, let us pray that we can help each other.  Let those who suffer most know they have this source of strength, fueled by the prayers of those around them, that they can tap into whenever they need it.  All they have to do is ask.  

Elizabeth Prather
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Class of 2015