Advent 2015

Third Wednesday in Advent - December 16th

Is 45: 6-8, 18-25 / Ps 85: 9-14 / Lk 7: 18-23

I have to confess, I found this Gospel personally challenging.  Just days after I was told which readings I had, my patella tendon in my left knee ruptured.  This particular injury is one with which I’m all too familiar. I suffered the same injury on my right knee two years ago.  In this recent case, however, the tendon ruptured just as I took a normal step.  With one step, I was suddenly without the use of my lower leg and my knee cap was—well, let’s just say it was nowhere near where it should have been.  I was laying on the sidewalk with a circle of very kind people around me asking how they could help.

This is the context in which I read that we recognize Christ through the blind regaining sight and the lame walking.  At first, I thought the irony was just a bit too much for me to process.  And then I started thinking in a different way.  The Gospel announces the power of God and although it seems to ask us to seek Christ in dramatic acts of healing, I think that might be looking past the point rather than directly at it.  When I was laying on the ground unable to stand or walk, knowing that my body would need some serious surgical intervention to ever function as it had in the past, numerous people—some friends and some strangers—showed me kindness and mercy.  Some of them stood with me for 45 minutes and others were voluntarily late for class.  All made personal sacrifices and chose instead to provide comfort to the injured.  They kept me calm, helped me laugh, and gently relieved my pain through their actions.  I couldn’t walk, but with the compassion of others I think I soared. 

Perhaps seeking Christ in dramatic acts of healing might also mean seeing Christ in the mercy we are shown by the countless others who heal us each and every day.

Sally Scholz