Advent 2014

Third Monday in Advent - December 15th

Nm 24: 2-7, 15-17 / Ps 25: 4-9 / Mt 21: 23-27

The search for certainty and security which we pursue in assorted ways, flows from the human need to make of our travelling through life, a distinctly pilgrimage adventure – not at all haphazard or aimless, but focused and directed. Though Saint Augustine has reminded us in memorable words from the opening chapter of his Confessions that we are stamped from creation with a marker that presses us relentlessly forward to the God who made us and who is our destiny, we, nevertheless, often lose our way. Our restless hearts, we know, can be pulled in many directions.

Fortunately, in our way back we're not left to our own devices, nor to the accumulated wisdom of the ages which, though often more reliable than any of us alone, is not a guarantee of infallibility. We, like the chief priests and elders of the people who question Jesus in the Gospel, look for someone we can trust to be our guide, someone in whom we can believe. Who has the authority, the expertise, the veracity and legitimacy to lead us? The questioning of the priests and elders in today’s passage may not have been motivated by a sincere desire to find the truth, but their question itself is instructive for us: Is Jesus the one?  

Many times along life's journey that question may present itself to us. At each instance may we ask it again with honesty and openness. The shadows that often rise and fall around us cannot overcome the light. The light will always prevail. So, let us go within ourselves with courage, and say with the psalmist the words which the Liturgy presents to us today, “Teach me your ways, O Lord … Guide me in your truth.”

A sincere heart will not go unheeded.

Very Reverend Michael Di Gregorio, OSA
Prior Provincial
Saint Thomas of Villanova Province