Advent 2017

Second Thursday of Advent - December 14th

Is 41: 13-20 / Ps 145: 1, 9-13 / Mt: 11: 11-15

Our Augustinian spirituality calls us to have faith that seeks understanding. Faith can often be an evasive term, however, Augustine’s focus on a faith that searches is a helpful one. Today’s readings enlighten this phrase. In the first reading, Isaiah writes about the promises God has made for us. Isaiah continues to discuss all the bountiful goodness which we can expect from God. However, throughout the reading there is also an important facet to these promises: our search for God. It is clear that if we attempt to satisfy our needs on our own, we do so in vain. Our yearning for God is crucial to our achievement of fullness. Without an understanding of true dependency, we will forever search in vain.

Matthew’s gospel continues this theme as Christ says “whoever has ears ought to hear”. God has not only told us to search, but God has also given us the tools with which to search. This particular gospel is critical to Advent. In Christ’s words lays the revelation that he is the Messiah we have been waiting for. Christ speaks of John the Baptist as Elijah meaning that the Messiah is yet to come. A blind faith would not realize that Christ is admitting to being the Messiah. Here, Augustine’s faith that searches is needed. Without a faith that yearns to grow and know, we could easily miss that Christ is alerting us to his identity.

In the midst of Advent, what ways have you used God’s gifts to prepare for Christ’s arrival? How have you used your gifts to search and grow in faith? Have you helped others with the gifts God has given you? God has given us tools to search, have we used them wisely?

Rodrigo Rivera
Charles Widger School of Law – Class of 2020