Advent 2013

Second Friday in Advent - December 13th

Is 48: 17-19 / Ps 1: 1-4, 6 / Mt 11: 16-19

In today’s Gospel, Jesus compares us to children that complain about giving without receiving. Sometimes, I do the same with God. I serve others, pray, give alms, fast, and try my best to do what God asks of me. Still, I expect everything in my life to be rainbows and sunshine... because if I am doing what is good, God will give me what I want, right?

Not quite. In the first reading, God promises us “prosperity like a river” and “vindication like the waves of the sea,” IF we obey His teachings and go where He is leading us. He never promises that He will do things our way. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and God’s ways are not our ways, rather, His way and His plan are more beautiful than we can even imagine (Is 55:8-9).

 God has given us more than we could ever hope to repay and we can choose to accept these gifts or leave them and go our own way. In the psalm, we are told to “delight in the law of the Lord” and “follow not the way of the wicked.” As people of the world, it can be hard to keep our eyes fixed on the Kingdom. Today, give until you think you can’t give anymore. Not in the sense of emptying your pockets or selling all of your things, but in small sacrifices: hold the door for others, smile at those you walk past, let others go in front of you in line, if a friend needs your help let your tasks wait and talk with them. Give a random person a cookie. Put kind notes on the door to your dorm or in a central location. Make dinner for your roommate. Give to others without expecting a reward or praise and your reward will be great in heaven.  

Sarah McMahon
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – Class of 2016