Advent 2015

Second Friday in Advent - December 11th

Is 48: 17-19 / Ps 1: 1-6 / Mt 11: 16-19

What do we hope for, anticipate, and expect?  How does searching for our hope – following it – affect us now?  Do we follow the hopes and anticipations that we should have, that are good for us?  How would we know what are wise hopes that should lead us?  What does the current path that we have chosen and helped construct lead us to?  How does it influence others?

Should we follow the repeated slogans of leaders who follow our opinions?  Should we follow the advertisements and messages that are on every available platform around us that seek to form our hopes?  Do we look to the endless variety of contemporary cultural sources to teach us what to yearn for?

Does what we look forward to leave us with a flat affect?  Do we hear others expressing their joy and sit blankly?  Do we hear about loss of life and fail to respond?  Do we see someone withdrawing from excessive consumption and wasteful extravagance – and consider them odd or even contemptible?  Do we see someone celebrating relationship with outsiders and losers, and find the example to be best ignored, ridiculed, rejected, or eliminated?

What should we go out to meet and embrace when it finally appears?  To what do we respond enthusiastically?  Whom should we follow?  Does our choice permit us to restore a relationship that had been broken?  Can we now live well with ourselves and others?  Does living life abundantly mean that we feel deeply enough to dance when new relationships are established and cry when they are lost for now?

What are our responses that provide evidence that we have followed wise hopes and anticipations?  What well-lit paths do we help construct?  How does what we follow lead others?

Lowell Gustafson
Political Science