Advent 2016

Second Saturday of Advent - December 10th

Sr 48: 1-4; 9-11// Ps 80: 2-3; 15-16; 18-19 // Mt 17: 9-13

The readings for today share a similar theme: one’s ability to turn towards or away from some point of reference.  The act of “turning” implies a shift in our focus. What do we turn to when our lives become disoriented?  Whom do we turn to when our lives become overwhelming? During this Advent season, the anticipation of Christ’s coming provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our particular orientation(s). Advent is an opportunity to turn towards our God, towards our family, towards our friends - towards those things in our lives that bring us faith, hope, and love.

Importantly, we are not alone as we make these significant turns in our lives. As the readings for today illustrate, we may rely on those around us for support during life’s disorienting moments. We can especially lean on God’s unwavering “friendship” and “strength” as we re-orient ourselves during this Advent season. There is great comfort in knowing that God is there to protect us as we make these important turns in our lives.

One year ago on this day, the hearts of a nation mourned the loss of innocent lives in Newtown, CT. This inconceivable and heartbreaking act of violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School challenged us to turn to God for comfort. As we reflect on our own journeys this Advent, let us pray for those around us who are also experiencing their own disorienting moments. May the grace of God continue to be with these families and may our Lord continue to watch over all of his children during these 40 days of Advent. Lord, make us turn to you; let us see your face and we shall be saved.

Ralph Gigliotti
Office of Student Development (2013)