Advent 2013

Second Tuesday in Advent - December 10th

Is 40: 1-11 / Ps 96: 1-3, 10-13 / Mt 18: 12-14

When Jesus asked the people what shepherd would leave the 99 to go look for the one that had strayed, the people would have expected the answer to be--none. No good shepherd would potentially risk the safety of the 99 to go searching for the one stray. He would simply cut his loss and move on.

But the Good News that we hear reflected from the Prophet Isaiah and Jesus is that our God will go searching for us! HE will never give up on us, and HE will give comfort and speak tenderly to us when he finds us! Fear not if you have gone astray, for we have a Good Shepherd that cares for us.

And when we prepare to return to the Lord with our whole heart and mind and soul, let us in turn be a good shepherd to others who need to hear a word of comfort and someone to speak tenderly to them.

For we are called to act with justice, we are called to love tenderly, we are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God!

Have a Blessed Advent, a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Fr. Bernie Scianna, OSA
Prior Provincial- Midwest Augustinians
Villanova University Board of Trustee