Advent 2017

Second Sunday of Advent - December 10th

Is 40: 1-5, 9-11 / Ps 85: 9-14 / 2 Pt 3: 8-14 / Mk 1: 1-8

This Sunday’s Gospel reading about St. John the Baptist is one that is very familiar to most people. The Advent season readings to me are about the transition from the Old Testament prophets, as in the first two readings about God as a God to be feared and the rules necessary to be ready for the Christ coming, to the teachings of Christ as a God who humbled himself to become a man and preach of love and forgiveness.

Now with St. John the Baptist preaching and baptizing that the coming is near, many Jewish believers begin to believe wrongly that John might be the Christ. His response as most know it, “I am not worthy to carry his sandals” is the perfect response to someone calling you the Christ. The humility of the response and his actions in his life are what we all should strive for.

How many times do we feel very proud of ourselves when we should be thankful for God’s gifts and those in our lives who helped us use and develop those gifts for God’s will. Pope Francis has issued many messages in his short papacy, but the one I find most compelling is the call for humility among all of us. He is especially focused on the Church and leaders of the world, to show more humility in their lives as they serve their flock and help people of this world have better lives.

We all can do more, to make ourselves better, to make our neighbors’ lives better and most importantly to live Christ’s message of love. It is with the humility of John the Baptist that we all should strive to avoid the adulation that is so easy to think we deserve.

Joseph and Maureen Topper
(Mr. Topper is a member of the Board of Trustees)