Advent 2016

Second Friday in Advent - December 9th

Is 48: 17-19 / Ps 1: 1-6 / Mt 11: 16-19

Jesus promises us great things. He promises us joy, fulfillment, and life.

So, why don’t we believe him?

In today’s Gospel, the children in the marketplace show themselves to be in the traps of complaint and complacency. They sit idly, wasting time by pointing out the flaws of others without any look at their own actions. Jesus Himself comes to them, and they dismiss Him as a mere sinner-befriending glutton. They see who is before them, hear His word, and simply complain. I almost want to yell at these kids. Jesus is right in front of you!! Get up!!

However, I know that if I had to place myself in this Gospel, I am absolutely one of these children. How many times does the Lord come to me and offer himself, and I refuse to move? How often am I stubborn, choosing to complain about others and sit where I am? Jesus makes me these great promises and I don’t believe Him. Why? What I need to recognize is this:

The Kingdom of Heaven is a promise, not a handout. Jesus promises us great joy, yes –but he asks something of us in order to receive it: “Come, follow me.” Today’s Responsorial Psalm reminds of us of this truth as we say, “Those who follow you Lord, will have the light of life.”

He will give us everything if we follow him, and His invitation never expires. God’s love for us is not stagnant, but rather it is a dynamic movement. It is a proposal we are called to accept in the spirit of Saint Pope John Paul II, who rejoices, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.”

Let us ask the Lord to help us stand up, wherever we are right now, and be strengthened to follow him so that we may share in the light of life!

Kathryn Hodskins
College of Arts and Sciences – Class of 2019