Advent 2014

Second Tuesday in Advent - December 9th

Is 40: 1-11 / Ps 96: 1-3, 10-13 / Mt 18: 12-14

“A voice cries out: in the desert prepare the way of the Lord!”  The repetition of these familiar words echoes in my heart.  God has called me into relationship over and over again throughout the years.  At times, I was unable to hear amidst the desert anxieties of my daily life, unable to recognize Christ’s presence in unexpected faces.  At other times, I turn, having discerned a cry to return, only to see the mountains, hills, rugged land, and rough country which seem to separate me from my true self, the image of my Creator.  Fear of loss and failure overwhelm me.  Other times still, I set off in a direction, trying to “do all the right things” to reach God off in the distance.  It doesn’t take long for the journey to become a distraction itself losing sight of my guiding star.

In these readings, I am reminded again that the cry in the desert does not call me away but to open up to God in my own heart.  God has filled in the valley of fear, made low the mountains of anxiety, and made plain the rugged land of separation.  Being lost, I cannot find myself.  I must only know that I am lost and trust in the love of my shepherd to find me.  Then I can rejoin the fold, in relation with all of the others as I was created.

May this Advent be a time to hear the familiar call to prepare the way of the Lord so that we might experience the grace of discovering we have already been found.

Brian McCabe
Campus Ministry