Advent 2015

Immaculate Conception - December 8th

Gn 3: 9-15, 20 / Ps 98: 1-4 / Eph 1: 3-6, 11-12 / Lk 1: 26-38

In the first reading we learn that Adam and Eve realized that they offended God by eating the forbidden fruit and hid from Him.  Do we think that we can hide from God when we sin against Him?  God is all-knowing.  Turn from the serpent that tempts us and turn back to God.

Our Responsorial Psalm reminds us that the Lord will save us; He always does.  Remember the hurricanes and constant snow and rain storms of the past years.  He gave us sunny days.  How much we should let His deeds be known for they are marvelous.

In the second reading, Paul cautions that sometimes it’s hard to understand when bad things happen.  Do we really lose faith?  Do people have good luck or just a very deep faith? We hear it said, “God knows and He won’t tell.”  He does know what’s good for us, but, sometimes we just don’t understand.  Trust in God who sets our destiny and has granted us salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

I love this Gospel passage.  The angel Gabriel visits and announces to Mary that she will be the Mother of God who will be called Jesus.  As children, we thought December 8th meant that Christmas soon would be coming. Right away Mary accepts whatever the Lord wants of her which makes me think of the Magnificat in which she is called “the handmaid of the Lord.”  My family is rich with remembrances of Mary with an aunt and cousin as Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Order.  Not coincidentally my mother was named Mary Immaculee having been born on September 8th, the birthday of the Blessed Mother. What a contrast with Eve in the first reading who gave in to original sin and Mary, who would become the Mother of God who was born without original sin.

For a young girl to so easily accept something so mysterious was phenomenal. My own mother when diagnosed with cancer just accepted it.  Could we be as accepting, as willing when God calls on us?  Could I?

Marykay Klara
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