Advent 2014

Second Sunday of Advent - December 7th

Is 40: 1-11 / Ps 85: 9-14 / 2Pt 3: 8-14 / Mk 1: 1-8

Advent is a time of preparation. This phrase may seem cliché. Everyone speaks of the idea of preparation and how it should occur within all of us during the Advent season. However, the reason it is such a necessary refrain is because of the lack of proper preparation which occurs throughout Advent.

In today's readings, we heard the hope and promise of a Savior coming to the world who would cleanse our sins and reconnect us properly with God. These readings inspire us to properly focus on the importance and role of Advent.

For many, Advent is the time of frantic preparation, but not for the coming of Jesus. Instead, it is the time when we furiously prepare for the large family meal or the myriad of gifts that need to be bought. The list of preparation continues with hanging the wreath on the door and placing the Christmas tree in the middle of the living room. By the time all these items are checked off the list, there is little time for anything, but simple reprieve from the anxiety and hysteria of the season. Due to this frantic preparation, people place an inordinate amount of emphasis on Christmas rather than appreciating Advent.

Advent is key to our proper understanding of Christmas. Advent allows us to prepare for the hope and magnificent mystery of Christmas. Just as John the Baptist baptized people in the waters of the Jordan, the incarnation baptizes us into a forgiveness of sin and reconnection with God. During Advent, let us not lose focus on the words of Isaiah, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.” It is our role to properly prepare to accept the gift of the incarnation. Let us take time to consciously choose to not get lost in the franticness of culture and prepare ourselves for the hope and coming of Jesus Christ.

Rodrigo Rivera
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Class of 2016