Advent 2013

First Thursday in Advent - December 5th

Is 26: 1-6 / Ps 118: 1, 8-9, 19-21, 25-27 / Mt 7: 21, 24-27

The start of Advent is always such a refreshing time to me. We prepare mentally and spiritually (maybe even physically) for a new year in our Church, a new year in our faith, and a new yea r in our lives. In this first week of Advent, the Gospel of Matthew gives us an opportunity to think about our preparation for the time of Judgment.

Do we think of the Lord’s judgment of us - only when - we realize our mortality? Or do we live our lives ready to be seated next to our Father in Heaven? Do we build a strong foundation in our lives- one that will stand up against adversity and moral issues? Or do we think that we can deceive others - and God - with insincere actions and thoughts?

Our character is questioned so often. Only through practice- our actions- can we prove the sincerity in who we are as Christians and God’s people. When we make choices between good and evil and when we look deeply into what our intentions are…we are revealing our true foundation. God sees both the heart and the action.

This first week of Advent, this Gospel of Matthew, and the next three weeks will be a time for us to reflect on these questions of how we prepare for the Judgment Day. We pray…

Lord, please give us the strength to do Your will and give us the courage to stay true to our character- one created in Your likeness. We thank You for Your guidance, Your forgiveness and Your love.

Chrissy Quisenberry
Office of the President