Advent 2015

First Saturday in Advent - December 5th

Is 30: 19-21, 23-26 / Ps 147: 1-6 / Mt 9: 35 / 10: 1, 6-8

The various readings and responses for December 5, 2015 present a unified front. Throughout these offerings, the message is clear: God takes care of his flock! He cures the sick, tends to those in need, removes the demons that plague his people, and ensures our ability to survive and thrive. Such proclamations have left me wishful in the past; do I only need to ask in order for my life goals to be fulfilled? If such promises are kept over the last several millennia, why do we have so many tragedies in the world?

The answer to these questions are likely beyond our ability to understand, but they have been asked many times even as we continue to remain faithful. For me, I asked this question when my mother passed away following my 19th birthday, with three siblings younger than me still in need of their mother. Bitter and angry, I stayed away from church and God’s graces as I tried to make sense the passing of one so devout in her faith. I eventually came to realize that she was not angry at the end; in fact, she accepted her fate and was ready to go to God’s loving arms!

So my interpretation of these readings has evolved over time, especially as my faith in Jesus Christ has advanced and matured. I now see His path for me, even if at times I stray from its course. I also recognize that His plan does not keep me from stubbing my toe, having my wife mad at me from time to time, or, ultimately, passing away. Instead, it asks that I mark my time on earth doing His will, and recognizing that when it is over, for me or the people I love, He will call us home and make us whole. What better promise is there?

Ron Hill
Marketing and Business Law Department
Center for Church Management and Business Ethics